[…] Then, today, I’ve watched just ending part of musical/instrumental workshop conducted by Arno Oehri (Klanglabor) from Liechtenstein. Here again, I didn’t understand anything in German (besides ‘sehr gut’), but it seemed like he came up with this short story accompanied by the instrumental orchestra (of children) at the end of 2 hours session. This format may not be so innovative for those who facilitate workshops, but I really liked his choice of instruments. For my taste, they had beautiful sounds. The sounds were unite. They didn’t seem to disturb each other. This afternoon I will be watching “Stressfaktor” by GUB Company (Switzerland). Then tomorrow, “The White History” by Novgorod “Mali” Theater (Russia). I should also talk with Julia Raab, who is doing a very crazy-looking interesting project “Die Dicke“. […]