The Fat Lady – plays Medea

A Tragic Life story in Plastic Bags

Julia-Raab ‚Die-Dicke-spielt-Medea‘ Fot Oliver-Röckle-Stuttgart (2)

A mask solo

Scenery of Puppetry show 'The Fat Lady – plays Medea'; Image: Oliver Röckle

Accompanied by her supermarket trolley, a woman walks through the streets. She is known as the Fat Lady.

Alone, she arrives somewhere and sits down.
She doesn’t talk.

From numerous plastic bags she takes out parts of her broken life. A worn out shoe, and old coat, a dirty doll. With these possessions she tells a tragic story of a woman.

The Fat Lady, a modern Medea.

The Fat Lady – notice-press-technical rider

If you are interested, I send you a DVD (Trailer & documentation). Contact me!


  • Target group

    for Youth & Adults

  • Duration


  • Premiere

    8th of October 2013at FITZ! – Zentrum für Figurentheater (Centre of puppetry), Stuttgart

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puppeteer & drama teacher

Julia Raab

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